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is an electronic music group originally consisting of Jack Dangers and Jonny Stephens, and formed in 1987 in Swindon, United Kingdom. The band, fronted by Dangers (the only permanent member), has experimented with many styles of electronic music while touring the world and influencing major acts such as Nine Inch Nails, The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy. Some of the band's earlier work has been credited with influencing the rise of the trip hop, big beat, and drum and bass genres. In 1989 they released the LP Storm The Studio, after their label Sweat Box Records sold the rights to the LP to Wax Trax Records for release in the United States. They later released industrial classics 99% and Armed Audio Warfare, the 90's breakbeat masterpiece Satyricon, before experimenting with more dub and ambient sounds on Subliminal Sandwich (Nothing Records). On hiatus since 2011, MBM is back in the live arena and preparing new material.

Revolting Cocks was an American–Belgian industrial rock band that began as a musical side-project for Richard 23 of Front 242, Luc Van Acker, and Al Jourgensen of Ministry. Later, Chris Connelly and Paul Barker entered the mix, along with Bill Rieflin and others. The aforementioned are responsible for 4 full length albums and several 12" singles, before the project was trimmed and rebuilt via Jourgensen and a host of new musicians, moving away from the stripped down teutonic force that became a Wax Trax! staple, and toward a more rock style band. 2016 marks the 30 year anniversary of BIG SEXY LAND, to be performed by the ex-members of the Revolting Cocks: Richard 23, Luc Van Acker, Chris Connelly & Paul Barker, with assistance from Jason Novak and Dan Brill, plus a few special guests.

are increasingly considered one of the pre eminent pioneers of 80’s experimental music. Adi Newton has long since described the process of making music as his research.It represents a more thoughtful and reflective body of work than that which dominates his peer group. In particular, Newton’s grasp of the philosophical connotations of technology placed him apart from the majority of its practitioners. In the late 70s around 1978/1979 a project like no other orchestrated by Adi Newton came into being and it was called Clock DVA. CDVA can list many albums that have received critical and cult recognition WHITE SOULS IN BLACK SUITS /THIRST / ADVANTAGE / BURIED DREAMS /MAN-AMPLIFIED /SIGN / POST SIGN CLOCK 2 SMART USB CARD and the Archive 6 LP folder - HOROLOGY .& due for release the MUTE RECORDS 8 CD Box set. and The Future & Radiophonic Dvations Horology 2 / 5 album box set. CDVA is currently focusing on new and forthcoming works they are releasing and developing through Anterior Research Media Communications, Armcomm for short.

(Raymond Watts) inhabits a genre of one. How to begin to describe it? We can start with KMFDM, since the unforgettable Englishman behind it – Raymond Watts – was a founding member. Once you have a certain combination of hard rock, soulful electro-pop and funk in your head, you can introduce Foetus: big band, blues and classical samples pounded into place by some behemoth of machinery – but zigs where Foetus zags. JG Thirlwell was a frequent collaborator and shaper of the early sound; he appears on ‘Peoria‘ and ‘Sick City‘ and produced the first couple of albums. Accordingly, Watts took a brief turn in the Foetus live band, and contributed to the first two Steroid Maximus albums. Punishing and pleasing in equal measure, <PIG> a perfect storm of pop hooks and grinding guitars. Take any track from ‘Sinsation‘ or ‘Wrecked‘ – ‘Everything‘, ‘Serial Killer Thriller‘, the popular single ‘Painiac‘ … there you have it in distilled and devastating form. Take the uptempo ‘Contempt‘ – surely the most dance floor-friendly disco-metal stomper since Raymond’s own ‘Juke Joint Jezebel‘. Take the ferocious, frenzied ‘Hamstrung on the Highway‘, or the candy-sweet ‘Angel‘ or the joyfully colossal ‘Death Rattle and Roll‘. A collection of beautifully-written, catchy rock songs with quirky arrangements is a starting point, but doesn’t get close to what makes it unique. Ultimately, just has to be heard.

A kind of power synth pop trio, The Black Queen began in casual fashion and developed into a full-blown band treated by its members as much more than an extracurricular project. In 2011, Greg Puciato, Dillinger Escape Plan's vocalist, and Steven Alexander, a seasoned tech (DEP, Nine Inch Nails, Ke$ha), began working on material with one another that deviated significantly from the former's main band. Later in the year, Joshua Eustis (NIN, Puscifer, Telefon Tel Aviv) was added to the fold, after Puciato crossed paths with the multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter at a Puscifer gig. Within a couple years, Puciato, Alexander, and Eustis were deeply involved in The Black Queen, living with one another in Los Angeles, and supporting each other through bleak personal matters. In 2015, they debuted The Black Queen with the ballad "The End Where We Start" and quickly followed it with the relatively uptempo "Ice to Never," a pair of singles that were closer in construction to Telefon Tel Aviv's Immolate Yourself than anything by Dillinger Escape Plan. Additionally, these songs featured some of Puciato's most melodic and restrained vocal performances without sacrificing any feeling. Their debut Fever Daydream, was released in January 2016.

is an industrial band from London, founded in 1992 by Marc Heal and Graham Rayner with Phil Barry and Steve Etheridge. The group became well known for its early fusion of distorted metal guitars, and techno percussion (later incorporating breakbeats). Their second album Cyberia (1994) spawned the hit single Oxyacetylene, generally considered Cubanate's creative peak. The third album, Barbarossa (1996) continued their climb. Signed in the U.S. to Wax Trax! Recordings for the act's fourth and final official full-length album to date, Interference (1998) was a departure from Cubanate's earlier techno experiments with a strong drum and bass influence. The album was co-produced by Rhys Fulber and Interference proved to be the band's swansong.

signed their first record deal in 1991 with the legendary indie label Re-Constriction / Cargo Records delivering three albums; Wisdom (1993), Skin (1994), and LetDownCrush (1996). The three albums earned worldwide praise and caught features in Guitar Player, Alternative Press, B-Side, Kerrang!, CMJ, Industrial Nation, B-Side, and more. Reaching a #1 slot on Rolling Stone’s alternative charts (LetDownCrush) as well as a #2 slot on Rolling Stone’s alternative charts (Skin), the band made a huge mark in the Industrial Rock scene as they consistently charted in both college and national radio. In 1997 the band signed with Mercury/PolyGram and brought on producer Bill Kennedy (NIN, Megadeth, Sepultura, Motley Crue) to make the highly recognized album "SuperCoolNoting". After repeated label mishandling and an imposed hiatus, 16volt eventually signed a multi-album deal with Metropolis Records and released “FullBlackHabit” (2007), "American Porn Songs" (2009), and "Beating Dead Horses" (2012) to a hungry fan base. 16volt has one again risen and entered the studio in November 2015 to begin writing and pre-production on the next album with producer Marc Jordan (Velvet Revolver, Die Antwoord, The Cult) and will release a new album in 2016 with full tours to support!

After a 2 year focus on Cocksure with Chris Connelly, Jason Novak being writing a series of new tracks that intended to focus on a more percussive live aspect, more emotional lyrical content, and an experimental sound. Longtime collaborator Sean Payne quickly joined, and the pair wrote and produced "Tetsuo" in 4 months, dubbing the new project VAMPYRE ANVIL after Novak's mistaken interpretation of an old Autechre EP. While Novak and Payne are both no strangers to industrial music audiences via countless tours and performances, VA promises a live experience unlike anything either has attempted, with a deeper, more personal sound and style than their previous projects.

is the electro-industrial project of Michael Arthur Holloway. A native of Portland, Oregon, Holloway started DWIFH in late 2008 as a deliberate attempt to resurrect the late 80's / early 90's electro-industrial sound, while also introducing modern production techniques and his own signature melodic style to the "old-school" industrial genre. After two albums, “All The Way Down” was released on November 13th, 2015 to critical acclaim. The album presented the project’s darkest material yet. The 70+ minutes of All The Way Down presented a massive sonic landscape that was equal parts brutal and gorgeous, all revealed as an extended meditation on the last stages of an elderly person’s life. The album landed at #3 on I Die You Die’s best albums of 2015 and #1 on A Model of Control, as well as taking top spots throughout numerous other genre websites and blogs.

gained an international audience following 2013 dual US tours with KMFDM and a 2014 European tour with Die Krupps. Their newest album, titled ‘Brave New Apocalypse’, is described as having CHANT’s signature tribal driven sound, immersed within a modern take on classic industrial – full of punk rock DIY venom, grinding guitar blasts, haunting noise loops – with an added mixing assault from the Ultra Heavy Beat creator Sascha Konietzko (KMFDM). CHANT’s high energy live show won critical acclaim with Industrial & Rock Publications as a show ‘simply not to be missed’ by ReGen Magazine and ‘2013 Live Show of the year’ by Coma Music Magazine. The unique tribal drumming echoes STOMP/Street Drum Corps and blends a NIN/Nitzer Ebb spirit if classic Industrial Rock.

is the creative outlet of musician and sound designer Justin McGrath. The spread of music genres under this alias are quite wide and range from the evocative long-form dark ambient piece "One Quiet Moment" to modern Industrial Dance to the jagged, broken-glass-to-your-throat analog Acid of the No One Will Come To Save Us and Output albums, and even a large catalogue of film-score style pieces. Together with Surachai he runs Trash_Audio (trashaudio.com)

is based in Austin, Texas consisting of Preston Maddox (bass, voice, keyboards, samples, programming), Jake McCown (Drums, noise, programming, art). The band combines the sounds of heavy punk and industrial with blurry ambient electronics, shoegaze atmospherics, and 8-bit glitches and melodies. "Boo Radleys plus angst, Atari Teenage Riot minus Teutonic anger...You got your punk in my shoegaze!" -Josh Modell, SPIN

Chicago duo HIDE is the artistic collaboration between visual artist Heather Gabel and musician Seth Sher. HIDE creates aggressive and sparse haunting music that empowers as it punishes. HIDE's name and visual aesthetic also reflects their ideology of personal autonomy as performers/humans in a world of moral judgement and surveillance. Showcasing top-notch production values and a seamless visual aesthetic, their immersive sound draws the listener into a trance state with dense, throbbing dirges. Their themes and presentation confront power dynamics and their relation to personal ideas about gender identity/fluidity. Their first vinyl release "Flesh for the Living" comes out in March 2016 on Midwich Records.

is a Los Angeles based artist who combines the cold world of industrial music with the hyper surrealism of pop. Self stylized and produced, Kanga challenges conventional tastes and boundaries with aggressive instrumentals, characterized songwriting, and shocking imagery. Her collaborators include visual artist Miika Benedetti and Skinny Puppy/Indradevi guitarist Matthew Setzer. Her debut self titled album will be released on Negative Gain Productions in June, 2016.


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