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COLD WAVES' goal to showcase Chicago's relationship with industrial music featuring rare and classic fore bearers along with innovative newcomers was never more realized than with its 2015 line up. The godfather of industrial doom, Justin Broadrick brings GODFLESH back to the US for their second tour since an almost 20 year absenceā€¦ the same time away from our shores as SEVERED HEADS, the Australian electronic trailblazers with a slew of iconic Nettwerk Records releases. Also championing a near 2-decade American hiatus, POP WILL EAT ITSELF should have many a music bucket-list keeper making check marks.

Featuring original Skinny Puppy member Bill Leeb, FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY promises classic material from their Wax Trax! days, along with LEAD INTO GOLD, the iconic Paul Barker (Ministry, Revolting Cocks) project and their debut performance? Often credited with inventing the dark ambient genre and an original member of SPK, Brian Williams brings LUSTMORD to the Chicago stage for the first time. No less music royalty when regarding the Chicago stage, Chris Connelly's new project COCKSURE promises to revive the true spirit of all things Revolting along with festival organizer Jason Novak.

Leaving last year's audience in awe made it easy for AUTHOR+PUNISHER to book a rare back-to-back festival appearance, literally the physical embodiment of industrial music, along with another technical innovator, Matt Schultz's long dormant LAB REPORT and his anti-tank-guitar. Keeping things mysterious and experimental, New York's dark prince of noise and Hospital Productions founder Dominick Furnow will bestow a rare PRURIENT performance upon us.

Electro fire starters HIGH-FUNCTIONING FLESH play the role of LA industrial critical darling this year. Already a household name synonymous with heavy music production in Chicago, Sanford Parker unveils TWO FROM THE EYE. Finally, Kansas City's HUMAN TRAFFIC kick things off with a new style of l'enfant terrible electro-grime punk.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Hope For The Day, a local suicide prevention charity using music and the arts to reach those in need. We are proud to announce the one-two punch of our sponsors, Kumas Corner and Revolution Brewing, two names in Chicago food and beverage that couldn't be closer to the Cold Waves identity and spirit than if we started them ourselves.

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